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Abu Garcia LC1000 Line Counter reel and conversion kit

An excellent product so far. I have 2 C series Abu baitcasters  that I love. When I saw this clever conversion kit, I had to give it a try. The unit installs in about 5 minutes. Remove 3 screws an the side cover, install the unit with the longer screws provided, and re-install the side cover. And I can remove them if I want to use the reel for jigging. Settings for type of line, amount of line on reel, pound test. Makes it very accurate. It has some other nice features not found in conventional line counters. Makes a great reel even better. I can not  report on the durability of the unit, I have only used them a few times. It has small buttons that are kind of hard to use at first, but I have gotten used to them. The backlight is rather dim, I don't know how much use that will be.