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Minn Kota Co-Pilot

Now here's a very handy little item. Works as advertised. Make sure you get the free 2nd remote, the offer is good through the end of the year. The signal is strong. The remote is very small and light and easy to misplace. I put mine on a lanyard and hang it around my neck. A few drawbacks I have found is (1) the speed control is kind of hard to use. Its hard to keep track of your speed, all there is are up and down buttons. I use mine on a constant speed a lot of times, what I do is set the speed with the foot control. It over rides the remote. (2) sometimes at low speeds I cant tell from a glance if the unit is on or off. This is minor, there are audible settings that help determine the status of the motor, another thing I do sometimes is cycle the on off switch and watch the reaction of the motor head. Also, there is no on/off switch for the auto pilot, but since there is none on the foot pedal I wouldn't expect it on the remote. 

Battery life is good so far, I am well into my first season and it works fine. The replacement battery is a commonly available watch battery.