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Trailer Wheel Bearing Repacking
Repacking wheel bearings is something that should be done on a regular basis, instead of wait for trouble to occur on a trip.

To begin, jack up the trailer and securely block it up. Remove the dust cap, cotter pin and castle nut. You can remove the wheel from the hub if you wish, but it;s not necessary, and sometimes its easier to remove the whole assembly at once if you have drum brakes and the drum is hanging up on the shoes. Note: for disc brakes, you have to remove the wheel and caliper first.

Next, remove the washer and the outer bearing. The inner bearing will most likely be in the inner hub, unless it got stuck on the spindle.

There are a few ways to remove the inner grease seal. Here, we are doing it the "proper" way with a seal puller. You can also collapse it using a chisel or a screwdriver and prying it out the rest of the way. Another popular trick is to put the hub and wheel bearing nut back on and sharply pull the hub towards you, catching the inner bearing on the nut and pulling both the bearing and seal out at once. 








Clean the bearings, seal, washer, nut and hub in mineral sprits or a suitable solvent. Here's an example what not to do! My friend has the grease seal laying on the grass, best to spread out newspapers or a drop cloth to work on. (He didn't clean the seal yet). Use a old paint brush or other suitable brush to work the solvent in. DO NOT use an air compressor to clean the bearings by making them spin by blowing air into them. Air is ok to dry them off, just be careful and hold the bearing to prevent spinning.

removing castle nut

removing inner grease seal

cleaning bearings