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Tips and Tricks

This page is a conglomeration of assorted tips, when I get enough on the page I plan on organizing them.

Carpet Cleaning

The other day after doing some maintenance to the tow vehicle, I was washing up and was using Goop hand cleaner. I saw on the container they mentioned trying it on fabrics (like carpet) I have a few stains so I gave it a try. Man did it work! I took some on a rag and rubbed the spot a little, let it set a few minutes and took a spray bottle with water, got it good and wet then wiped it off. Used it on some coffee and grease stains. After some experimentation, I now use an old toothbrush to apply it to small areas.  Like the package says, try it in an inconspicuous spot first.

Water Spot Removal

I like using vinegar and water. Just mix some up in a spray bottle and keep it in the back of your tow vehicle for a quick tidy up after loading. You don't need much vinegar in the solution.

Give her a quick shine

After the vinegar and water treatment, I take some Pledge furniture polish and shine her up like my wife does in the living room. Heck, the boat is my living room, might as well treat her the same! There are some commercial products that work very well for this also, I am trying one out right now.

Steering your kicker with your bowmount

I have a Minn Kota AP65. I have found that using it to steer (like a bow thruster)  while keeping my kicker pointed straight ahead works surprisingly well. I just set the speed so it is going the same speed as my kicker. Really handy while handlining. When I get a fish on, I don't have to worry about keeping the boat straight while fighting the fish, I just let the autopilot do the work.

Using a common 12 volt test light to check for current drain

An easy way to check for a current drain in your boat is to unhook your positive battery terminal and put a 12v test light between the post and the wire terminal. If it lights up, you have a drain somewhere. Try pulling fuses to isolate the offending circuit. A very dim glow can be caused by the boat's computer or some stereos, what you are looking for is a bright light.

Bottom Bouncer Organizer

  I hate having bottom bouncers laying all over the place, and they always seem to get tangled up in the bottom of my tackle box, or poke through my tackle bags. Use a piece of PVC tubing (I used 2 ) with a slot cut in it to accommodate the bottom bouncer arms. Glue a PVC cap on the bottom, use another cap for the top. After some use, the cap started coming loose, I used Velcro to secure it.


I am making a new line of quality bottom bouncers at the lowest prices you will see. Please click here.


Easy Loading/Launching for you bunk trailer

 Try spraying your bunk with silicone lube after you launch. It makes it much easier to launch/load. Just be careful to keep your bow eye attached until you are over the water!